who is selin ho?

Welcome to my art portfolio.

My work is a very personal exploration of my identity and the world we like in. My upbringing as a Muslim-Turkish-Chinese teenager growing up on the east coast of the U.S. is what drives my passion to explore the meaning of self identity.
To celebrate the culture(s), I have long been teased for is not easy. The foundations of my Turkish-Chinese heritage distorted my outlook on the acclaimed “American Dream” to instead discover unwritten rules of social class. But rather than debase western expectations, I wish to highlight the trials and tribulations of embracing one’s culture: revealing their identity. My work is not only a collection of pieces to help me cope with accepting myself but also a commentary on the way society profiles my culture.

My primary medium of creating work is design–often perceived as a way to advertise and market a product, a company, or even ourselves. By utilizing the simplicity and geometric aspects of design, I intend to advertise the array of issues plaguing minorities: using cultural motifs as symbols to unite minority activists. The ultimate goal is to become a voice for minorities and draw attention to the adversity many of us face daily–to be a part of the movement that changes how society stigmatizes my culture.
I hope you enjoy my work.